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Landscaping Services

By far, the landscape is usually the largest element on a homeowner’s property. It defines the character of the person or family living there, and provides a vast and changing palette on which a resident can paint a picture to show the world who they are.

At Going Green Horticultural, we can paint a portrait of beauty, sustainability, and eco-consciousness that will grow and thrive for years to come. Not only do we make your landscape appealing to the eye, but we also create usefulness within your ecosystem by using techniques such as composting and planting of edibles. At Going Green Horticultural, we balance nature with nurture.

Landscape Design, Installation, and Construction

Making the right decisions about refurbishing your old landscape or designing and installing new features will speak to the sustainable future of your property. Find out how Going Green Horticulture can help you make them.

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Green Solutions Consulting

Our green solutions consulting programs provide you with the know-how, the guidance, as well as the plan for making your landscape into a beautiful and sustainable environment. Educating you about your yard is the first step.

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Horticultural Services

Horticultural services include all necessary pruning and landscape pest management. Our horticultural services can be tailored to your lawn’s needs and of course, your budget.

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Drainage and Erosion Control

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Let Going Green evaluate your property and offer you solid solutions to best manage the rainwater coming from your roof as well as from the natural shed due to the lay of the land.

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