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Gardening Services

Perhaps the greatest pleasure of an organic garden is the fresh fruits and vegetables it can provide. There is just something about setting the table with the fruits of your labor - literally.

Whether you want to just have the freshest tomatoes or row after row of your family favorites, Going Green can show you where your property will provide you the best yield. We offer seasonal guidance for the year round vegetable garden.

Container Gardens

Enjoying gardening is not exclusive to those with land. Container gardens are a fast-growing craze for apartment, condo and town-home dwellers.

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Rain Gardens

You have probably heard the term “rain garden” used in the media and in gardening literature recently- but what is it really and why do you need one?

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Host Gardens

A host garden is a planting that is designed to attract and house beneficial insects. By planting specific perennials and herbs you can encourage predators, parasitoids, soil builders and pollinators.

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