February 2011

Posted on Thursday, March 31st, 2011

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Who We Are

Going Green will become the leader in horticultural consulting in the Southeast by providing landscape companies, homeowners and community groups with the education and skills to implement organic and sustainable landscaping.

Going Green Horticultural has over 20 years of experience with the most prestigous landscape design/build firms in the Georgia landscape industry.


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Going Green Horticultual

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SUSTAINABLE Solutions For Your Landscape


So it early February and by this point, you may not have had enough time to decide whether or not you can or are willing to stick to your New Year resolutions. Some people resolve to diet and exercise. Others resolve to work harder or to work less. Still others resolve to make no resolutions at all, as they will only be disappointed in themselves by March when it doesn’t work out.

It is not too late! GGH wants to encourage you to positively resolve and decide to take a step toward GOING GREEN in 2011. Become environmentally aware starting with your own landscape. It will feel so good and will last generations!
 For many, the realization for the need to become more environmentally conscious comes with the birth of children, addition of pets, or onset of health problems. Life-changing events can bring awareness to other areas in our life where there can be improvement or, at the least, simple enhancement to the cause. You may already be using Method or Kiss My Face handsoap, Seventh Gen. diapers and cleaning products and may feed your children Earth’s Best baby food and Annie’s bunnies snacks. If so, you are on your way to being green in other areas of your life. Realizing the importance of what we do will come easily.

Not heard of these products and not sure how it applies? Small steps in the right direction will bring you full circle. Our specialty happens to be designing, installing and maintaining horticulturally technical landscapes with a focus on sustainability. Going Green Horticultural is able to restore properties where there has been topsoil lost to erosion and sedimentation, depleted soil from years of poor maintenance and mulchings and improper prunings and fertilizations which have resulted in sickly and unsustainable plants. Healthy landscapes are host to beneficial insects, wildlife and rich soil. Organics and natural products work largely to improve soil tilth and to feed the microorganisms thus resulting in more drought tolerant, healthy plantings. It’s a beautiful cycle! Not to mention the amazing benefits of reduced synthetic pesticide and fertilizer runoff and water pollution as well as dangerous health related issues that often arise from use and contact with harmful chemicals used in the landscape.

Georgia is behind other leading states where regulations are mounting against use of many of these products, but will soon catch on. Be ahead of the game years in advance. Make yours the barefoot yard of 2011! Decide now to ask how to take that first step. You won’t be disappointed!

Share with us what you feel is important to start the year with regard to going green. We want to earn your business and to have the opportunity to bring long-lasting sustainable landscapes to Metro-Atlanta.


We also want you to meet our friends and share us with yours

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